Soul Treatments

Purposeful and effective bodywork sessions to meet your goals. 

Here at Earthy Soul, I am dedicated to your health - tailoring every treatment to your personal needs. My goal is to inspire you to live a healthier more graceful life.

Our Massages

Massage rates are priced at $100 per hour. Sessions lengths start at 30 minutes and increase by 15 min increments. The longest session is 75 minutes. Check out the add-on options for longer session lengths. 

Relaxation Station

Allow the nervous system to completely decompress with this fluid massage. We have the ability to focus on your tension areas, while still giving the whole body the attention it needs to rest and digest. This is a perfect massage for the times when you need to tune out the day and tune into your body.

Tibetan Massage

If you are looking to be completely rejuvenated and rolling off the table in total bliss then this is the massage for you. This one of a kind massage moves through a sequence integrating acupressure, stretching, relaxing massage strokes and energy work. Sessions usually ranges between 105 minutes to 135 minutes. There rate is priced at two hours regardless of time spent.

Therapeutic Sessions

Perfect for injury recovery, postural re-alignment, and re-education of tension habits. These treatments are focused on specific problem areas; using a mix of neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy and myofacial release techniques. These sessions are result oriented and require a lot of client action and communication.

Lymphatic Flush

Not all therapeutic sessions have deep pressure. This massage uses very light touch, moving through a specific sequence designed to optimize lymphatic drainage. Accelerating lymph drainage is beneficial in detoxifying and disposing of metabolic waste that can get trapped in our system. This treattment is ideal when experiencing stagnation, periods of low energy, or high stress.

Hot Stones

The warmth of the hot stones helps melt away tension and increase circulation to the muscle tissue. Smooth stones are used as an extension to the hands, as well as placed on the body. These stones are extra special as I hand picked them from a high alpine river near my old home.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is practiced with the client fully clothed, while laying on a comfortable mat on the floor. Working on acupressure points as well as incorporating stretching throughout the body, to release mental stress and muscle tension. This massage is designed to bring balance to your body's meridian channels. Sessions last about 2 hours.

Massage Add-Ons

Massage Cupping

Massage cupping is an extremely beneficial tool. It helps detox metabolic debris from muscle tissue and fascia, bringing new oxygen into areas of stagnancy; promoting a feeling of spaciousness and relief of pressure. Massage cupping is incorporated in almost every session unless you request not to receive it.

Facial Cupping

There are both beauty and therapeutic benefits to face cupping. The light suction of face cupping will help soften fine lines, wrinkles and scarring by relaxing the muscles and fascial patterns creating them. Therapeutic benefits along the same line include sinus, headache and migraine relief.  Cupping also helps increase circulation, bringing a brighter, plumper appearance; all while removing harmful toxins and cellular waste that lies below the skin. 

Please note that facial cupping can not be preformed if you have received botox in the last 8 weeks. 

15 minutes $25 / 30 minutes $50 

Breast Cupping

The health of your breasts is incredibly important. Breast cupping will help reduce congestion in the tissue. It is my belief all women should receive this treatment regularly, but it can especially benefit tender or painful breasts and fibrocystic breasts. The treatment will help move water retention in the breast, as well as loosen the muscle and fascial tissue below the tissue. You may even notice a lift post treatment!

Please note if you have, or have had breast cancer please talk to your doctor before receiving breast cupping. 

As a precaution we do not perform breast cupping on women with implants. We can still do light breast massage if you are interested in the benefits breast massage gives. 

15 minutes $25 / 30 minutes $50

CranioSacral Therapy

A gentle treatment releasing fascial binds. With light touch and long holds we assist the body in balancing the flow of your cerebrospinal fluid. Although the technique mainly focuses from the tailbone to the skull, CranioSacral can work with extremities as well.

Sessions can be added to a massage, or experienced as a separate treatment. Separate treatments are done fully clothed. 

15 minutes increments $25

Private Yoga & Massage

Beautifully paired combos for maximum benefits. Session are priced at $100 per hour; lengths start at 60 minutes and cap at 2 hours. 

Posture/ Injury analysis

A therapeutic assessment of your bodies movement patterns. Sessions include testing muscles strength and range of motion to target problem areas. Treatments are then focused on what we discover. This includes 30-60 minutes of yoga instruction followed by 30-60 minutes of a therapeutic massage (see above for details). 

Restorative Release

Combining the theory of restorative yoga and the power of touch; these sessions get into the deepest layers of fascial fibers with long, fully supported yoga positions. While encouraging further relaxation with hand on massage.

Ayurvedic Yoga and Abhyanga Massage

Ayurveda is an ancient medicine originating from India. An important part of ayurvedic healing is within the doshas; every person has three doshas that creates the energetic make up of your constitution. In the yoga session we will point focus toward balancing your unique dosha constitution. Abhyanga is a divine hot oil friction massage practiced in ayurvedic medicine. This treatment includes 30 or 60 minutes of Ayurvedic yoga to match your dosha (or the current imbalances in your doshas), followed by a 60 minute abhyanga massage, creating a perfect Ayurvedic pair. Your first session will be 2 hours and include a self abhyanga lesson for you to pamper yourself at home

Reiki & Illumination

There is a force that we can not see,  it moves all around us, it even moves within us. Reiki and Illumination bring the healing power of energy into your life. Reiki originated in Japan. Rei, translates to universal consciousness, the idea that everything is connected as one, to one source. Ki, also known as Qi or Chi, translates to life force energy, the very light that brightens us up. Energy sessions are a non invasive way to cleanse and purify energy, in addition to moving density that is ready to be released. This combo uses a mixture of tools including sound, stones and minerals, Reiki symbols, essential oils, and palo santo or sage. You may at anytime request not to have one of the above tools used during your session.

30 minute add-on / $45
60 minute session / $90

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