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There is nothing more rewarding than unlocking the power to heal yourself. Here at Earthy Soul we offer a variety of tools and modalities, encouraging you to be the master of your own self-discovery. 

Inspire Empower Connection


Each hands on treatment is customized to your therapeutic needs in the moment. My philosophy believes that, while we are creating change, we may not always see a linear progress. Sessions are targeted to meet you where you are at, while keeping your end goal in sight. 

Energy Work

The power of healing through unconditional love. Our sessions combine traditional reiki with the medicinal power of essential oils, sounds, and natures stones and minerals. Balancing your natural glow. 


Knowing your natal chart can give you important tools to live a life full of harmony.  Ongoing astrological study may help uncover reoccurring themes and messages that show up throughout your life. 


Have yoga classes at your fingertips with an affordable monthly membership. You will have access to a library of classes varying in length, intensity, and theme. New videos content and live classes will be available monthly to members. 

Yoga Videos

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$ 5 Monthly
  • Access to a growing collection of over yoga videos
  • Yoga with Chelsey on your own time

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